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From January 2019, the CPNI is advising organisations to carry out their own risk assessment if mobile destruction services are to be used for destruction of paper other than ‘official’ documents. The standard is intended to be applied to sensitive items assigned a government security classification of SECRET or TOP SECRET; or equivalent classification as determined by the item owner. The CPNI makes it very clear that if organisations wish to continue using these types of destruction techniques for classified material above OFFICIAL, they do so at their own risk.

In order to help mitigate risk and comply with the new classification Secure IT Disposals can offer the following:

  • Stand alone desk side shredders. This includes if required a site visit and survey. These high-capacity, high-speed shredders made by HSM can destroy strictly confidential data with the highest security precautions including information classified up to and including Top Secret. Designed to be installed on your premises, the shredders are compliant to P-7 security standards, which mean they shred paper to virtually indistinguishable cross cut particles.
  • Onsite paper destruction
    • Official/Secret (both shred sizes the same) 300KG per day Top Secret 250kg per day
  • At our secure facility
    • Official/secret (both shred sizes the same) 1200KG per day
    • Top Secret 1000kg per day
    • DV cleared double manned GPS transport and escort if required

Our services are designed to help you meet the new classification standards, save time and on going costs associated with offsite document shredding.

For further information regarding paper shredding standards, please see below:

The CPNI and HMG IA5 paper-shredding standard is shown in the table below:

6mm (any direction) particle
Remove all characters
4mm x 15mm (60mm max area)

For shredding paper printed with 12pt Times New Roman font, the width along the line of the text should be no more than 4mm, such that no more than two adjacent characters are visible on a single line (CPNI website)

HMGIA standard No5 – Paper Destruction Only

shredding paper

The purpose of shredding is to limit the number of continuous characters that appear on a single particle of waste. To this end, the orientation of paper as it is fed through a shredder should be considered. Users should ensure that text printed on both side of a sheet is of the same orientation. Shredding equipment should conform to recognized international standards and be able to perform destruction with consistent quality. The smaller of the two specified dimensions for a strip of shredded waste (e.g. 4 x 15 mm) will determine the number of continuous characters on a line.

Government Classification Destructive Procedures (release to any environment)
OFFICIAL Destroy using equipment which meets a recognized international paper destruction standard, designed to consistently destroy to particles no larger than 4 x 15 mm
SECRET Shred or incinerate in accordance with CPNI standards. If shredding is chosen, ensure particles are no larger than 4 x 15 mm
TOP SECRET Shred or incinerate in accordance with CPNI standards. If shredding is chosen, ensure particles are no larger than 2 x 15 mm

Additional Information

• All shred sizes are based upon an assumed Arial font size of 12 pt

Please note we also provide onsite and offsite services service to destroy any type of data holding media including HDD

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