Secure IT Disposals are now
part of Restore Technology

Secure IT Disposals are one of only two UK companies to be accredited and approved by the National Cyber Security Centre CAS Scheme for destruction or erasure of ALL types of media as listed in HMG IS5 to Top Secret. 

CAS(S) provides assurance that a sanitisation service conforms to relevant HMG IA policy and guidance.


With Secure IT Disposals Onsite services, you can rest assured that the security of your data is our primary concern. Whether it be Hard Drives, Flash Drives, Floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, Ram Discs or Data, CCTV, and Video tapes, every single piece of data is destroyed completely and beyond recovery!mobileshredder2

Our data destruction services are performed to the standards defined by CESG, the cabinet office. Shredding to a size of 2mm is possible.

Being ISO 27001 certified every stage of the process is auditable. Full and very detailed audit reports are available free of charge for any equipment processed.

If total destruction is required onsite or the equipment is not reusable, we will shred the hard drives using one of our mobile shredders. These are capable of shredding up to 1000 CDs, DVDs and tapes per day and over 500 Hard Drives per day. 

What and How we Destroy On-Site

Hard Drives: Degaussing or erasure, using MoD approved software if for re-use or shredding - shredded to 6mm or less

DLT, SDLT, QIC, Dat, CCTV and Video tapes- Reel to Reel, Floppy: Degaussing or erasure, using MoD approved software if for re-use or shredding. We can shred to 2mm

USB Memory Sticks,  Flash Media Cards, SD MMC etc: Erasure, using MoD approved software if for re-use or shredding. We can shred to 2mm

Optical Disc's - CDs, DVDs, Ram Discs: Shredding. We can shred to 2mm

Data Destruction

We guarantee that your Hard drive data is always destroyed*.  We undertake this by using UK MoD and CESG standards equipment and procedures, then shredding if not for reuse or return.

HMG IS5 covers both baseline and Enhanced overwriting of data. At 'baseline' level the software overwrites every sector of the Hard disk with one pass of randomly generated data. At 'enhanced' level every sector is over-written three times: first with a 1, then every sector is over-written again with a 0, and then every sector is over-written a third time with randomly generated 1s and 0s.

* If a hard disk is faulty and cannot be erased then it is physically destroyed by using an industrial shredder. All scrap drives are then sent to an aluminium smelter.

We can destroy your data on-site or off-site to the Highest Standards in the UK 

  • Hard Drives shredded to 6mm
  • CD's reduced to 2mm particle
  • Tapes reduced to 2mm particle
  • Data Wiping to CESG standards

If you would like further information on Onsite Data Destruction, please call on 0870 727 1578 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or request a quote here.

We provide an extensive range of high security paper shredders to meet all requirements.

CPNI approved machines and commercial options direct from our partners at HSM.

Please contact us with your requirements and for any product advice.

Use our experienced team to perform your IT audit and help you evaluate the systems and processes in place that secure your company data. Ensuring full compliance with UK and EU regulations.

We clear data centres and offices, keeping the security of your property, data and site paramount at all times. We use secure, satellite tracked transportation and security cleared staff who are there to help. We will not require any assistance with loading and will take any equipment you ask.

We also:

  • Issue Hazardous Waste Transfer Note, a legal requirement.
  • Maintain a complete audit trail for all items, from when it arrives in our processing centre to when it leaves.
  • Make a detailed recording on our Asset Tracking System, including:
      • Make
      • Model
      • Serial number
      • Asset tags
      • Status
      • Specification
      • Guarantee auditable data destruction
      • Provide comprehensive reporting
      • Issue Certificate of Destruction or Certificate of Recycling and a Goods In Report are issued on completion.Data Centre and Office Clearances

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