Destroying your data ...
protecting your reputation!

We are UK gevernment approved to handle and destroy protectively marked media up to the highest UK security level. 

With Secure IT Disposals, you can rest assured that the security of your data is our primary concern. 

  • Hard Drive (any kind laptop, desktop, IDE, SATA, Solid State, SCSI and many more)
  • Backup Magnetic Tapes (DLT, SDLT, QIC, Dat, CCTV and Video tapes - Reel to Reel)
  • Floppy Disk (3.5 inch disk, 5.25 inch disks and many more)
  • Zip Disk (100 MB, 250 MB and other large disks)
  • Removable media/USB sticks
  • Optical Media (CD’s DVD’s, Blue Ray and HD DVD)
  • We also perform shredding of Mobile cell phones, PDA’s, Blackberry etc.
  • Data Wiping to CESG standards

Whether it be hard disks or floppy disks, CDs or video/Dat tapes, every single piece of data that comes into our warehouse is destroyed completely and beyond recovery!

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