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There is a minefield of legislation that governs the disposal of redundant computer equipment but we are experenced in overcoming the issues involved. We employ the Best Available Treatment, Recovery and Recycling Techniques philosophy in order to guarantee that our service not only meets but actually surpasses the latest government and EU standards and laws, including:

Your company has a Legal Duty of Care to take all reasonable measures to ensure:

  • All redundant computer equipment is classed as waste. CRTs are Hazardous waste
  • You must ensure that the people who collect from you have a Waste Carrier Licence
  • You must ensure that your equipment goes to a fully licensed site
  • Your legal Duty of Care extends to when your equipment is reused, recycled or disposed of.

To protect yourself from fines, always use companies who are fully licensed by the Environment Agency. Like we are. See all our certificates.

Environmental Protection Act

The Data Protection Act requires that all information collected by an organisation be destroyed when the media on which it is stored becomes redundant.

So if you store or have used customers’ data, and went to the trouble of abiding by the data protection act’s principles, you can protect customers’ and stakeholders’ from the adverse effects of a data breach. As well as protecting your company’s reputation and avoid fines, by disposing of your data bearing devices securely.

Data Protection Act

Employers are required, through the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, to ensure that activities involving manual contact with hazardous materials are avoided where this is reasonably practical.

Our staff are identifiable, uniformed, fully trained in safe practices and experienced in working with various waste residues and to customer site Health and Safety requirements. Not only that but our public liability insurance covers you for your peace of mind.

We also provide our customers with method statements, safe system of work and risk assessments.Health and Safety

All batteries and cathode ray tubes come under the this directive. The transportation of loose batteries and CRT's can only be carried out by a licensed waste carrier under a special waste note.

Anything containing a Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) are classified as Hazardous Waste. This includes computer monitors and televisions.

IT WEEE waste including CRT

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Since the WEEE Directive came into force in January 2007, anything that requires a current to flow though it to operate, has to be recycled in accordance with the standards set out in the Directive. This includes all IT equipment. 

We have AATF, the highest standard of licensing available from the Environment Agency for sites that treat WEEE and recycle any electrical items to the standards set out within the WEEE Directive. So by using us, you have it covered.


The safety of refurbished or second-hand equipment is controlled by these regulations. All persons who supply electrical equipment in the course of business, including auctions, must ensure that the equipment is safe. Whilst there is no mandatory requirement for refurbished or second-hand equipment to undergo any safety testing, suppliers will want to ensure that the equipment is safe so as to avoid committing an offence under the Regulations.

The safety requirements of the Regulations cover all aspects of safety and are not limited to electrical safety.

Under UK and international law it is illegal to export, or allow the export of any redundant computer equipment that is classified as Hazardous waste outside the EU or to any country that is not a member of the OECD. The legislation governing this is defined in the Basel Convention to which the UK is a signatory.

Computer monitors and terminals as classed as Hazardous Waste because they contain 20-25% lead.

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