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data erasure

What do you do if a customer exercises their right to erase the personal details that you hold or you no longer require them due to the end of a contractual agreement? Under current EU law, measures must be taken to remove that data and protect their identity. 

Likewise, if an employee leaves the company for pastures new and their laptop, phone must now be erased to ensure that personal or other sensitive data is removed if you want to reissue it to another member of staff. 

Are you planning to have a technology refresh, where storage assets used by employees or IT infrastructure will be replaced in a data centre clearance? 

Have you got any faulty hardware, including storage such as SSDs cards and hard disk drives, to return under warranty after a period of use for a refund or exchange?

If you want to eliminate the risk of a data breach, actions should be taken to ensure the destruction of data from these assets. 

At Secure IT Disposals we offer data erasure using either Blancco or Tabernus software. 

Blancco holds security certifications, approvals and recommendations from 19 national and international governing bodies, including the United States Department of Defence, NATO, Common Criteria and UK Ministry of Defence. 

While Tabernus has been formally certified for UK governmental departmental use in the secure erasure of computer hard drives by Government’s Communications Electronics Security Group (CESG). It is also approved by DIPCOG, The Ministry of Defence (MoD), NSM, NATO and leading global certification and approval schemes. 

Contact us about our secure, certified data removal service using either Tabernus or Blancco software and have your data erased properly.

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